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We are absolutely committed to offering the finest quality products, the best possible prices, and
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genuine ostrich feather dusters is our specialty and our vast selection is unparalleled.

We only use top-quality materials, wind each duster with metal wire
(as opposed to nylon or string) and utilize only genuine ostrich feathers
from Outdshoorn and the Western Cape Province of South Africa,
a region recognized world wide as producing the best ostrich feathers available.

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Our Company

We know your needs! Alta Dusting Products, Inc. evolved from a building maintenance company with employees “in the trenches” cleaning accounts on a daily basis for 18 years. Our company came to rely on Feather Dusters as a staple in the industry, yet over the years found it harder and harder to find quality dusters. New technologies have tried to duplicate feather dusters, but nothing has come close to the finger-reaching capabilities that individual feathers have when dusting intricate nooks and crannies. Each ostrich feather has tiny barbules that attract the dust as each feather reaches around and through cluttered spaces, making feather dusters the perfect time-tested tool for any cleaning occasion.

Our Mission

Alta Dusting Products, Inc. is committed to the success of our customers. To that end, our mission is to accomplish the following:

• Provide the highest quality dusting products available

• Offer unbeatable pricing

• Maintain product availability

• Ensure unparalleled customer service

Understanding Dusters

Why We Use South African Ostrich Feathers

South African ostrich feathers are well-known as the best ostrich feathers available on the world market. Since the mid 1800’s, ostrich birds have been farmed in the Western Cape Region of South Africa—specifically in the arid region from Mossel Bay to Oudtshoorn. They are a unique sub-species—cross-bred over time—officially known as "Struthio camelus, var. domesticus Swart"* The quality and reputation of feather production in the area is the result of many factors, including bird genetics, generations of experience/traditions carried on by skilled farmers, and the suitable arid weather and soil suitable for farming.

How are feathers obtained? Are ostriches harmed in any way?

There are two ways in which feathers are obtained from ostrich birds. The first is through the natural molting process from what are called “Breeder” birds—where birds are “plucked” in order to obtain their feathers. They can be plucked yearly for an average of 10 years. Plucking does not harm the birds, and a significant portion of feathers are left to ensure the birds have enough feathers for warmth. Plucking “Breeder” birds is the only way “black” adult male feathers are obtained. The second way feathers are obtained is through being a by-product of the slaughtering process. It needs to be understood, however, that—like cattle in the United States—ostrich birds are primarily raised for meat and leather. Ostrich meat is very popular in South Africa and the European Union. Feathers are given very little value in the slaughter process, and are simply a by-product of the other larger industries.

Understanding the Types of Feathers: Floss, Black, Drab (Gray), Chick

Floss feathers are the softest ostrich feathers available, and come from the underneath part of the ostrich bird’s wing. They are typically light gray, brown, or blonde in color—and tend to be shorter in length.

Black feathers only come from the adult male birds, and are softer and more “stringy,” in nature, making it a more premium feather. Black feathers are more rare because they only come from Adult “breeder” birds which are only raised for their feathers. (See How are feathers obtained above).

Drab (Gray or Brown) feathers come from adult female ostrich birds. This includes the larger and longer plume feathers as well as the shorter drab feathers. Gray or brown drab feathers are also obtained, however, by young birds of either gender with their “second-growth” feathers (“second growth” feathers defined below).

Chick Feathers are the most economical and least desirable of the ostrich feathers. They are called chick feathers because they are typically obtained from young ostrich birds less than one year old. These “initial growth” feathers must be plucked on young birds in order for the more desirable softer/rounder feather plumes to grow in as “second-growth” feathers. Chick feathers are easily identifiable as they are very pointed in nature, stark, and typically have no soft barbules at the tips of the feathers.

Wool, Synthetic, and Microfiber Dusters

There are two main categories of dusting tools: Detailing Dusters, and Broad Surface Dusters. Feather Dusters are the tool for detail dusting because the fingers and barbules of the feathers stretch and reach around trinkets and knick-knacks on desks, counters, bookshelves, etc. Wool, synthetic, and microfiber dusters are more popular as Broad Surface Dusters, and are perfect for cleaning broad surfaces like walls, ceilings, open desktops, etc.

Here is a look at the types of Broad Surface Dusters:

Wool Dusters, also known as “lambswool,” or “lambskin” dusters, have fine, crimped fibers that form an intricate network which, when combined with the natural lanolin and scale-like surface of the wool fiber, trap and hold dust until spun free.

Synthetic Dusters, also known as “rainbow,” or “magic” dusters, are less expensive than wool or feather dusters, and differ in that they rely mostly on static electricity to attract dust particles when cleaning.

Microfiber Dusters are a newer technology, and refers to dusters that utilize synthetic fibers less than one denier thick (which is a unit of measurement making the fibers thinner than even 1 strand of silk). The fibers have excellent wicking properties, which means the material will absorb liquids quickly and effectively without leaving behind lint or a residue on the cleaning surface.

Alta Dusting Products, Inc. has a range of dusters in these categories to meet your individual needs.

*Source: The Ostrich, Anita Holtzhausen & Marlene Kotze, p. 16


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